Establishing a Communication Strategy in Illinois

Picture of Crowd at News ConferenceDevelop a communication strategy in Illinois that reaches the authorities in Springfield and the stakeholders across the state. David Ormsby, Inc. is a firm offering a full suite of services that includes traditional communication and online engagement. Our organization blends ideas and platforms to reach the audience you need to succeed.

We employ an approach that depends on five core pillars of communication. Strategic message development helps you to tell a story that others will find compelling. The messaging we create is deployed to the right people, at the right time, to maximize the impact of your efforts. Our public policy issue research and development process helps you to fill in the details that make a difference to influencers in the media and the policy establishment in the capital.

Once a strategic message has been created, our team starts to educate the people who will implement this strategy. We train your people in media relations and communication strategy so that every moment of availability they have to push your message is productive. Hear the same message with every press release, public speech, and social media post you give. When your message starts to go viral, it helps to have people in place for online communication and crisis management.

Influencing the Policy Process

Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy:

Create one message that tells the story of your organization and the goals you want to reach with your policy program. Decide on a strategy for deployment, and which audiences to connect with through outreach and online engagement.

News Monitoring and Issue Development 

News Monitoring and Issue Development:

Follow every media platform that your audience engages with, and review social media sites to determine the best opportunities to expand your reach.

Media Training 

Media Training:

Make every element of your organization an asset in your outreach through employee workshops and training seminars. Give your employees the clear messaging they need to communicate clearly with stakeholders.

News Media Event and Management Strategy

News Media Event and Management Strategy:

Timing is everything when you are rolling out a new message to various audiences. We help you manage news events with a host of new media tools, including live streaming events. Connect with people on the go.

Communications Collateral 

Communications Collateral:

Write content that moves voters and policymakers. Unify your messaging through the speeches, press releases, and donation request letters, and tell one compelling story.

Crisis Communications 

Crisis Communications:

When events seem like they are spiraling out of control, it helps to have an experienced hand at the helm. Talk with our PR crisis specialists about strategies they can employ to maintain message discipline.

Understanding Public Opinion

Illinois Public Opinion, Inc. (IPO) provides us with the voter information and consumer data we need to implement your message. Through an automated approach to telephone surveying, we gather accurate information that gives the client a clear understanding of trends and opportunities. Our firm has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to asking the right questions and using the answers to make strategic messaging decisions. Automated polling removes the bias that comes with a live interview, and it reduces the overall costs involved with your messaging. We can establish a clear understanding of what the voters are thinking, and we can complete our surveying in a single evening. For our voter data base, IPO relies on from lists created by Aristotle International, Inc. Since 1983, this company has provided voter data to every U.S. president—from Ronald Reagan through Barack Obama. Their work also includes involvement with U.S. Senate and U.S. House campaigns, as well as Political Action Committees.

Crafting Advocacy Strategy

David Ormsby on Advocacy PanelOur bi-partisan team relies on decades of government affairs, lobbying, and public relations experience in Springfield shaping Illinois public policy outcomes and public opinion in order to advance a client’s agenda as the client’s government affairs representative. David Ormsby will work with your organization to develop the most critical element of moving your legislative agenda forward in Springfield: advocacy strategy. Hoping for a specific outcome is not enough. Hope is not a strategy. Strategy means prioritizing policy interests and identifying resources available to pursue a legislative initiative. Strategy also means assessing the political, budgetary, and regulatory landscape, the players, the state of public opinion, and timing. A strategy weaves together these dynamics into a timetable of activities that advances your legislative objectives. In addition to strategy, we review all introduced legislation and leverage sophisticated monitoring technology that identifies within minutes of new bill introductions that could affect your organization’s interests. We advise clients regarding which positions to take on bills and shape responses. We help draft bills, amendments, identify bill sponsors, monitor legislative hearings and press conferences, and we help draft background materials, testimony, work with legislative staff and lawmakers of both chambers to persuasively articulate the merits of your positions and proposals. By maintaining a continual presence in both Springfield and the Chicagoland area, our team is able to attend meetings, monitor hearings, and be accessible to clients as your interests require. Contact us today to work with a firm that specializes in communication strategy in Illinois. We proudly serve clients throughout the state of Illinois.