Communications Strategy

Communications Strategy:

Create one message that tells the story of your organization and the goals you want to reach with your policy program. Decide on a strategy for deployment, and which audiences to connect with through outreach and online engagement.

News Monitoring and Issue Development 

News Monitoring and Issue Development:

Follow every media platform that your audience engages with, and review social media sites to determine the best opportunities to expand your reach.

Media Training 

Media Training:

Make every element of your organization an asset in your outreach through employee workshops and training seminars. Give your employees the clear messaging they need to communicate clearly with stakeholders.

News Media Event and Management Strategy

News Media Event and Management Strategy:

Timing is everything when you are rolling out a new message to various audiences. We help you manage news events with a host of new media tools, including live streaming events. Connect with people on the go.

Communications Collateral 

Communications Collateral:

Write content that moves voters and policymakers. Unify your messaging through the speeches, press releases, and donation request letters, and tell one compelling story.

Crisis Communications 

Crisis Communications:

When events seem like they are spiraling out of control, it helps to have an experienced hand at the helm. Talk with our PR crisis specialists about strategies they can employ to maintain message discipline.

Public Relations

If your organization has a message that's worth communicating, you need a skilled, professional public relations consultant to ensure that the message is, well, heard.

David Ormsby, Inc. specializes in helping Illinois trade associations, non-profit groups, and businesses communicate their public policy agenda to the Illinois General Assembly, the executive branch, and the Illinois news media in Springfield and beyond.

David Ormsby, Inc. delivers the ideas, the messages, the strategy – off line and online that gets your message heard by elected and appointed officials, reporters, civic leaders, opinion makers and others. We deliver this with ole' fashioned professional, hard work.

Public Opinion

David Ormsby, Inc. provides basic, affordable, automated public opinion surveys to clients – through our subsidiary Illinois Public Opinion, Inc. – that will capture the outlines of voter attitudes on Illinois public policy questions, on Illinois political candidates, and on their own priorities

Leveraging our more than 25-years of experience working in Illinois politics, government, and advocacy, David Ormsby, Inc. will work with your organization to identify the right questions to ask – what do voters want? We will provide an in-depth analysis of the data that will translate the numbers to an actionable, persuasive message strategy.

Nothing gets the attention of a lawmaker more than the words, “A poll of your district reveals that your voters say …”


Public Affairs

Hoping for a specific legislative outcome is not enough. Hope is not a strategy. Strategy means prioritizing policy interests and identifying resources available to pursue a legislative initiative. Strategy also means assessing the political, budgetary, and regulatory landscape, the players, the state of public opinion, and timing. A strategy weaves together these dynamics into a timetable of activities that advances your legislative objectives.

A successful advocacy strategy – at its core identifies an argument that persuades the legislative and executive branches – that your legislative idea, as seen through a legislator and governor’s prism, will help constituents at home and advance the state’s broader interests. David Ormsby, Inc. helps your organization shape that argument.

Crafting a successful strategy requires: judgment – the kind of judgment that decades of bi-partisan legislative, electoral, and public relations experience in Springfield that David Ormsby, Inc. can bring to your organization’s legislative agenda.